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Kayak Lake Titicaca

US$ 65 per person

Kayak Lake Titicaca is the best way to experience and explore the hidden beauties of Lake Titicaca, kayaking from Southern Puno shore to Uros Islands, a day away including a tasty lunch on one of the most incredible unique Uros people’s reed floating Islands.

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You’ll take advantage over other non-innovating traditional kayak tour operators (like found at because we’ll be kayaking out of the «tourist trap» for the best deal from a real local Puno Kayak Company.

Ready to run Titicaca kayak adventures. Our fleet of fully equipped kayaks

Now, let’s dive deep and find out why Uros Kayak Company is your best choice as your preferred Lake Titicaca Adventure operator by learning more about what you’ll do right here.

Uros Islands Day Kayak Trip Features

Activity level: moderate (beginners and experienced)

Distance paddling: 10 km

Kayak Tour Route: From South to North

Hotel Pick-up Time: 10:00 am

Lunch Place: Uros Islands

Drop-off time at hotels: 3:00 pm

Kayak Frequency: Daily departures

Reasons why we introduce “Kayak Lake Titicaca”

As local kayak operator experts and designers, at Uros Kayak Company, we know thst not all of you have the same Lake Titicaca itinerary and schedules; this is the main reason why we launch customized and flexible Lake Titicaca Kayak Tours, for all budgets and interests.

Same as we did with Llachon Kayak.

We are sure you’ll love “Kayak Lake Titicaca” one of our fantastic Lake Titicaca Kayak Tours for 2023.  

Brief overview of Kayak Lake Titicaca

Kayak Lake Titicaca is led through a unique and nearly empty of its usual boat traffic and crowd, clear and clean Lake Side and a gorgeous landscape to rediscover by gliding your single or tandem kayak.

Paddling from Southern Uros to its Northern section

This kayaking Puno is a wonderful experience at Uros reed Islands which will leave you with a new sense of adventure, nature wonder and really good memories.

You’ll be exploring the non-touristy side of Lake Titicaca; we’ll skip the crowds and paddle far away from large group of tourists.

Then after, a tasty lunch prepared by a local family is served on one of the Uros reed floating Islands.

Finally, head back to Puno city through the maze of reeds (another different short route).

Your Itinerary described step by step

10:00 am Pickup, drive to Uros Chimu kayak launch point

Our team mate driver at Tour Lago Titicaca – Uros Kayak Company.

Our friendly driver, whose name will be confirmed previous to pick-up, he’ll do a quick transfer from your selected hotel in Puno city to Uros Chimu shore, located just 15 min drive out of the city in the Southern side.

While driving you’ll gain some great views of the Lake what will be covered by our kayaks.

10:15 am meet me at the kayak launching place

I’m Edison. I’m the guy responsible of your total enjoyment and wonderful experience on the Lake

On arrival at the kayak launch point meet up with Edison, your Titicaca kayak guide.

If you have no previous kayak experience then let him provide you the basics of paddling and safety lessons.

After some minutes, you all be ready to catch your selected sort of kayak (let us know if you want to stir single or tandem kayak).

10:30 am Lake Titicaca Kayak beauty landscape

This picture is a clear example of what we can experience in a sunny day

You’ll start to paddle on the immensity of Lake Titicaca. The place offers incredible views where High Plateau sky and the lake is one, blue flat water, green carpeted reeds (mostly in the rainy season, from December to April) and native birds living in their natural habitat, all this is amazing.

11:15 am Totora reeds and its uses

Tasting Ch’ullo reeds

Your guide leads you to the carpeted reeds. Totora is the green aquatic vegetation growing in the shallow place.

You’ll be amazed how the local Islanders have been using them for centuries as food, material for building their homes, for rafts and even for reed souvenirs in recent days.

You’ll stop for about 20 minutes and then learn more from your guide about Totora reeds and then keep paddling to the main location of the reed floating Islands.

We also run tours in the open lake. Paddle from Llachon to Amantani Island on a day tour and meet up with the local Islanders at the lunch time. Learn about their tradition and back to Uros by motor boat for a last paddle to Puno.


Llachon to Amantani Kayak Tour

US$ 197 per person

11:45 am Approaching and arriving to Uros reed floating Islands

Arrival to Uros reed Islands by kayaks

After the first stop along the way, you’ll be finally reaching the set of Totora reed man-made Islands.

What a view!

It’s incredible to think that Uros ethnic group has lived for thousands of years in Lake Titicaca basin in such way.

Your guide will explain you about their possible origin and why they still stay in the water.

12:30 pm Lunch overlooking the Lake from a reed Island

This time lunch was served at Uros Qhantany lodge

We’ll continue on with our kayak adventure taking in the sight of other floating homes and typical reed crafts while crossing among them to the Northern section of the floating village.

Uros Qhantany Lodge Island

Uros Titicaca Floating Homestay

At middle day, after almost two hours stirring our kayaks we’ll disembark on Summa Paqarina lodge, Khantaty lodge, Qhantany lodge or any other Titicaca reed floating lodge (they will be booked basically based on lunch availability).

1:45 pm Delia and Uros typical clothes

On Qhantany Lodge with Delia’s family (third from left)

When visiting Qhantany Lodge, after lunch Delia usually offers Uros typical clothes for a family picture (really optional). This is a perfect time for a nice cultural exchange encounter with the Islanders.

2:15 pm kayaking back to Puno city through Totoras

Kayaking through the reeds

After a well-deserved lunch, regaining the energy we’ll sit in our kayak once again and head back to Puno by a different water way our arrival time is about 3 pm where our driver waits for you and takes you back to your hotel.

3:00 pm End of Day kayak at Uros

And this is how your day kayaking away ends in the afternoon.

What is provided

– Private transfer from your Puno hotel to Chimu launching place.

– Fully equipped kayaks (single or tandem).

– English speaking kayak guide.

– Entrance fee to Uros.

– Lunch on a floating lodge.

– Transfer from Kalapajra pier to your hotel.

What else you should know

Remember that it is a physical activity so be prepared to paddle 10 km through the most beautiful spots of the Lake Titicaca National Reserve (Puno sector), as well as wearing comfortable clothes that you can wet.

Request Further Information. Get more. Do more.

Take your time in telling us your inquiries and we’ll show you a lot more options to do.

Just email us at:

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+51 923206333

I’m Edison, feel free to text me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and inquiries.

Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.