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Uros Sunset Kayak Tour

US$ 50 per person

On Uros Sunset Kayak Tour you’ll find yourself joyfully kayaking on Lake Titicaca at its most magical and amazing moment, at sunset time. You’ll see vivid and bright contrasts changing from blue to orange and purple. Stay here and learn more about one of the best authentic Lake Titicaca Half Day Tour.

What you’ll do

On Sunset Kayak Titicaca you’ll glide your kayak from across the clear open side of Southern Puno bay, you’ll enjoy of a peaceful and quiet landscape as you get closer to the Uros reed floating Islands to finally step on one of them. Your friendly Lake Titicaca Sunset Kayak Tour guide provides all you need to know about the ancestral and unbelievable way of living, on reed floating islands, of the Uros ethnic community population. Your Uros floating Islands Tour

will become inspiring and unique.

Later, as you look up into the sky, you will see the sun slowly sinking behind the majestic peaks of Puno city. This is the memorable and unforgettable moment you will live by joining Uros Sunset Tour.

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Uros Sunset Kayak Tour Features

Tour Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Activity level: Moderate

Distance Paddling: 8 km

Hotel Pick-Up Time: 3:00 pm.

Drop Off at Hotels: 6:30 pm.

Kayak Frequency: Daily

Sunset Season: Winter (April to October)

Where you’ll kayak

For Kayak Sunset Lake Titicaca Trip we’ve chosen the remote and secluded Southern foreshore of Puno bay, a beautiful landscape, we’ll keep you paddling far away from the crowds (touristy places). Our kayak launch location is Chimu community shore, 15 min drive on the Puno to Bolivia main high way.

It’s perfect for those who are fairly new to kayaking, as well as more experienced kayakers.

Sunset Kayak Titicaca at a glance

3:00 pm pick-up andtransfer from your hotel to kayak dock.

3:15 pm arrival to the launch point and meet your guide.

3:20 pm get in your kayak and head to Uros Islands.

4:20 pm arrival time to the set of floating islands

4:30 pm step on Uros floating island and guided visit.

5:40 pm departure from Uros Islands to Isla Esteves road side

6:2o pm arrival to Kalapajra or Isla Esteves kayak dock.

6:35 pm drop off at your selected hotel.

Sunset Tour at Uros Reed Floating Islands Description

3:00 pm let’s get started

At the scheduled pick-up time, one of our friendly drivers will show up at your hotel and transfer you to the kayak dock location.

Upon arrival, meet up with your passionate guide, he will assist in helping you get ready for the sunset tour, including a safety briefing, life-jacket fitting and setting up your kayaks for stirring properly.

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3:20 pm let’s paddle to Uros Before starting with your Kayak to Uros Islands at Sunset, are you more of motorized boat tours? Then take a close look at our alternative Uros Islands Sunset Boat Tour.

Out on the water, still during the day light, we’ll have great views over the open lake and the peninsula of Chucuito and Capachica.

We’ll be heading to Uros Islands through open water only surrounded by Totora reeds in the distance.

4:30 pm Uros Islands Tour

After a worth physical effort, we’ll arrive at the set of fancy reed floating Islands, disembark on one of these and get a fascinating insight about the Uros Ethnic group from your guide.

He will deliver great information about the step by step process of construction. Learn how they ended up living on the lake and about their intriguing origin. You’ll learn some basic words in their local dialect as well. Uros Sunset Kayak Tour allows you to encounter and exchange experiences with the locals, you will even have time to visit inside their reed houses and buy little cute reed boats instead our Uros Islands Sunset Paddle brings you to Uros for just enjoying the sunset.

5:20 pm kayak sunset Titicaca time

When you think it can’t get any better in front of our kayaks displays an spectacle of the nature, enjoy and appreciate the contrasst while the sun is slowly setting over the Lake and Puno Mountains.

6:20 pm end of Sunset Tour

As a complimentary gift of the Mother Lake, you’ll enjoy the night view of Puno, actually we’ll return guided by the Puno night city lights reflected on the water ways.

The return is not throughout the same initial way, we’re taking the short path to Puno shore.

We’ll arrive to Kalapajra pier or Isla Esteves shore, upon arrival you’ll be picked up and transferred back to your hotel by our driver.

Note on the Itinerary

The Sunset time advertised on the schedule changes slightly throughout the season, in winter or dry season the natural phenomena is guaranteed at about 5:20 pm. However from November to March, here in the Andes, is the rainy season, we cannot promised a sunset experience described on the itinerary.

Our Lake Titicaca Kayak Sunset Tour Guides

On each Kayak sunset tour departures, our Kayak Guides are there to ensure you are safe and having a great time. They will happily take your photo in front of Uros people’s reed boats, reed houses and overall at the time of the sunset.  

What to bring

– Sun protection

– Sunglasses

– Hat/Cap is advisable

– Warm, comfortable clothes

– Gloves and wind breaker.

– Water (optional)

What’s included (what we provide)

– Transfer from your Puno hotel to kayak dock.

– Fully equipped kayaks (single sit-inside or tandem kayaks)

– Spray skirt, paddle and life-jacket.

– Entrance fees to Uros islands.

– One qualified, friendly and experienced Head Kayak Guide/Instructor.

– Drop-off at hotel at the end of trip.

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.