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Uros Islands Sunset Paddle

US$ 35 per person

Uros Islands Sunset Paddle is one of the most amazing Lake Titicaca 2 Hour Tour that you can join all year round.

Live unique memorable experience kayaking to Uros reed floating Islands in the late afternoon when the sun is setting from 4 pm to 6 pm (from May to October).

This short 2-Hours Kayak Sunset Titicaca is ideal for people that already visited the reed floating Islands of the Uros people, Amantani or Taquile Islands on Lake Titicaca Boating Tour.

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Or if you are looking for something to do in your short time when you just arrived by bus from Arequipa, Cusco, Copacabana, La Paz or from Juliaca airport by plane.

What you’ll do (Tour Itinerary)

You’ll learn here how Lake Titicaca kayak sunset short trip is arranged, designed and what to expect from the trip.

3:50 pm Hotel to kayak dock transfer

Our friendly driver picks you up from your hotel in Puno city and drives you for about 15 minutes to Uros Kalapajra launching point (or besides Isla Esteves).

4:15 pm Meet your kayak guide and set up for kayaking

Just on arrival to launching place, you’ll see your kayak guide approaching to the vehicle to greet you and welcome you.

After your guide shows you how to wear the kayak gear (jacket life, spray skirt) you’ll find yourself sitting in the kayak ready to start with the paddling.

4:25 pm Paddling to Uros reed floating Islands

Uros Islands are located 30 to 45 minutes away from launching place by kayak. You’ll see flora and fauna of the Lake and some local engine boats going and coming on the way.

Your kayak guide will keep you well informed about the history and origin of the Uros people. How they ended up living on the Lake.

4:45 pm Arrival to floating village in Peru

If you didn’t visit yet Uros floating Islands by boat, this landscape of the Islands upon arrival will leave you a WOW!

Extend your time and experience with Uros Islands Sunset Kayak Tour. If you have more time to visit Uros Islands, you might be interested on a trip that visits one of the reed floating islands, we’ll disembark and get unique insights of your guide..


Uros Sunset Kayak Tour

US$ 50 per person

You’ll learn about their probable origin and the reason why they do live on floating Islands on Lake Titicaca.

5:00 pm Keep paddling and exploring the Uros Islands

Your guide keeps you well informed while you’re kayaking. You’ll learn clue facts about their origin, history, legends and the reason of building reed homes.

5:30 pm Time to return to same starting place

In order to fully enjoy the view of the sunset over Puno city and Lake Titicaca your guide is going to lead you through another water way to return to Puno. At this place you’ll feel the serenity of the place, hear bird sounds and only interrupted by a local engine noisy boat.

The landscape displaying while sun is setting is incredibly amazing.

2-Hours Uros Sunset Paddle is guaranteed from May to October during the dry season (clear and sunny days).

6:15 pm Arrival to Kalapajra pier and transfer back to your hotel

Finally after almost 2 hours round-trip kayak adventure to Uros at sunset we’ll be disembarking to Kalapajra pier or Isla Esteves (same launching pier).

On arrival our driver will be waiting for you to then after take you back to your hotel.

What else you should know

Remember that it is a physical activity so be prepared to paddle 6 km through the most beautiful spots of Lake Titicaca and National Reserve (Puno sector), as well as wearing comfortable clothes that you can wet.

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.