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Titicaca Multi Day Kayak Tours

Lake Titicaca Multi Day Kayak Tours is quality small group or private trips out of the tourist map, where you’ll definitely immerse in Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour, culture and get glimpse of their way of life.

In the high Andes, Lake Titicaca is the best outlet for such urges, so leave the city behind and go on this long distance kayak paddling to connect with yourself, become one with nature and learn more about the way Andean people live.

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On this Lake Titicaca Homestay kayak tours we’re going to visit unique and beautiful places such as Uros islands, Llachon, Paramis, Luquina, Amantani and the Island of Taquile out of the spoiled places.

The Pros (good news)

 If you don’t want to paddle only 4 km to Uros Islands (most of the Puno Tour Agencies just do one way kayaking to Uros!) and then travel by boat to Amantani and Taquile Islands, so on Titicaca Multi Day Kayak Tours long distance kayaking adventure is guaranteed and fit perfectly to enjoy the beauty of the Lake from our kayaks.

Our kayak tours are operated as quality small group kayak adventure. This means other kayakers can join us for our confirmed departures and lower the price.

At Uros Kayak Company, we love to design all our Titicaca multi-day kayaking Trip and Expeditions out of the touristy ways and instead we’re going to drive you visiting the most remote and impressive places and Islands on Lake Titicaca.

As Lake Titicaca Operator we’re going to offer you to redesign or adjust this itinerary at any time, before departure or/and when running the tour.

The Cons (bad news)

As this kayak tour is a long distance paddling, you need to be in good physical conditions.

Kayaking at 38810 masl can be difficult and exhausting. It’s challenging but in the end it’s worth it.

Now, it’s time to know more about kayak at Lake Titicaca.

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