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Titicaca Kayak

From US$ 10 per person

Titicaca Kayak offers you a wide range of Kayaking Lake Titicaca tour options from hours to multi-day paddling expeditions.

We are a locally based Titicaca Kayak Company, direct tour operator on Titicaca beach and Titicaca Worldwide.

Take a look at our Best Lake Titicaca Kayak Tours we have designed for your total enjoyment and for an unforgettable experience.

Lake Titicaca Kayak Tours

Kayak to Uros + Titicaca Boat Tours

Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour

Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour

Kayak to Uros + Amantani Island Tour

Kayak to Uros Floating Islands

Kayaking Puno

Uros Kayak Adventure

Uros Islands Morning Kayak Trip

Uros Islands Afternoon Kayak Trip

Kayak Lake Titicaca

Authentic Titicaca Kayak Experiences

Uros Islands Sunset Paddle

Puno Bike Kayak Day Tour

Uros Sunrise Kayak Tour

Uros Sunset Kayak Tour

Uros Islands Kayak Birding

Juliaca to Puno + Uros Afternoon Kayak

Lake Titicaca Day Kayak Tours

Uros Islands Day Kayak Tour

Llachon Kayak

Llachon to Taquile Kayak Tour

Luquina Kayak

Llachon to Amantani Kayak Tour

Sillustani Kayak Tour

Lake Titicaca Multi Day Kayak Tours

Amantani Homestay Kayak Tour

Taquile Homestay Kayak Tour

Puno to Taquile Island

Paddle to Uros + Taquile Homestay

Paramis Homestay Kayak Tour

Lake Titicaca Kayak Rental Puno

Lake Titicaca Kayak Rentals

Puno to Llachon Solo Kayak

Kayak Solo across Lake Titicaca