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Titicaca Kayak Company

From US$ 10 per person

Titicaca Kayak Company is locally based in Puno and Uros reed floating Islands allowing you to rent kayaks or join customized trips and paddle at remote, authentic and secluded places on Lake Titicaca from Puno city.

You can choose to paddle at Uros, Llachon, Luquina or Sillustani but all off the beaten track.

Uros Kayak is a local Titicaca Kayak Company running Kayak Sunset Titicaca, Lake Titicaca Homestay, Lake Titicaca Tours off the Beaten Path.

On any of our private and customized kayaking Lake Titicaca tours at Uros, Llachon, Luquina or Sillustani you’ll spend a day away kayaking and paddling the secluded and remote areas.

You’re going to paddle in Titicaca Worldwide where you enjoy it most:

A day or multi day away kayak tours was created because to avoid the very touristy ways all visitors have to take.

As we are kayaking out of the ordinary places, we’re going to reach beauty sceneries far away from “the Gringo Trail” the crowded places.

Simply because no other tour agencies realize the incredible and the most beautiful places that await for us out there at Lake Titicaca.

Simply because the people prefer conventional Lake Titicaca Tours; but that doesn’t go with us!

With Uros Titicaca Kayak Company you can take advantage of these itineraries, all our private kayak tours are off-the-beaten-path.

You’ll definitely have extra fun and relaxing day on the greatest Lake Titicaca!

Some reasons why you’re going to get epic Titicaca Kayak Trips with Uros Kayak Company

– All time departures are flexible because it goes nice with your adjusted itineraries. It doesn’t matter if we leave late; there is always something we can arrange.

Uros Kayak Company owns the Kayak equipment (Perceptions and Prijon brands) and this means everything is possible to plan and do it. All Kayaks in good shape, seats and paddles as well. Feel free to ask about our Prijon Double kayak with all accessories.

– You do not feel rushed. At least you’re in hurry.

– We care about Mother Nature Lake. Since it doesn’t pollute the Nature, we are Andes Eco Tours runner. Only paddle and stroke!

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