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Taquile Speed Boat Tour

US$ 30 per person

Taquile Speed Boat Tour is the best day trip to Lake Titicaca from Puno city. You’ll cover Uros and Taquile islands. You’ll spend less time navigating and get more time to enjoy at each place.

What you’ll do

On Taquile Speed Boat Tour you’ll be picked up and transferred from your hotel to Puno port. Onboard is an English-Spanish speaking guide, who leads you through the top destinations in Lake Titicaca.

You’ll learn about Lake Titicaca meaning, Uros people, Taquile Island knitting, and much more.

Taquile Island by fast boat takes you first for a guided visit of Lake Titicaca floating islands (Uros) then after head to Taquile Island accompanied by your group guide. Your Uros to Taquile boat ride will be much faster than Amantani Island Day Tour.

Taquile Island is a beautiful spot and famous by their rich art textiles in Lake Titicaca, perfect for a Cordillera Real, across the blue horizon, overlooking lunch.

Before the sun sets over Puno city, at the end of the day you’ll be back again in your hotel.

Taquile Speed Boat Tour Features

Tour Type: Group guided Tour

Tour Duration: 8 hrs

Hotel Pick-up Time: from 7:10 am

Boat navigation to Uros: 20 min

Boat navigation to Taquile: 1h15min (from Uros islands)

Total walking distance: 3 km in Taquile

Lunch place:  at local restaurant in Taquile

Arrival to Puno: 4:00 pm

Hotel Drop-off Time: from 4:30 pm

Consideration: walking and hiking involved.

Highlights: meet and encounter the Uros people, Taquile art textile tradition, lunch and fast boat.

Departure and Arrival Times of “Taquile Speed Boat Tour”

7:10 am pick up from hotel by our staff.

7:45 am departure time from Puno port to Uros

8:10 am exploration of the Uros Islands

9:40 am boat navigation from Uros to Taquile.

11: 00 am arrival to Taquile and hiking.

12:00 pm lunch and textile explanation

2:15 pm aboard again the boat to head back Puno

4:00 pm arrival to Puno and transfer to your hotel

Step by Step Uros and Taquile Islands Tour Description

7:10 am

Uros Floating Islands Tour

Taquile Speed Boat Tour, a group day trip, includes Uros Floating Islands Tour, your first stop on the way to Taquile.

After a quick car transfer from your hotel to Puno port, you’ll embark on Lake Titicaca Speed Boat, and navigate to Uros.

Upon arrival, step on the first reed home and meet the Aymara speaking population of Uros. Your guide explains about the interesting life of the “Kon-Tiki Balsa” reed raft builders about their history, customs and how the floating islands are really built out of Totora.

Then after, you are free to explore inside their reed houses, time for pictures with locals, walking around, and optional reed souvenirs shopping then join the group for the Balsa Kon-Tiki ride (optional, extra cost).

Reed boat ride disembarks in the next (second) reed Uros Island, known mainly as the “Isla Capital” a commercial place. Order a Peruvian hot coffee, get a local stamp for your passport, get snacks and we then head to Taquile Island by Speed boat.

Would you like to add a unique experience on your way to Taquile? Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat is for you. Paddle from Puno to Uros, visit Taquile by speed boat and finally on the way back to Puno we’ll kayak again from Uros.


Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour

US$ 85 per person

9:40 am

Uros to Taquile by Fast Boat

Your Titicaca Speed Boat navigates, among other motorized boats, through the water channel and carpeted reeds until it reaches the open Lake. You’ll realize the vastness of the highest navigable Lake of the world. You’ll gain gorgeous landscape views surrounded by Capachica and Chucuito peninsulas.

The average navigation time is one hour and 20 minutes meanwhile a slow boat gets in 3 hours.

11:00 am

Taquile Island Tour

Upon arrival at local port, you’ll begin with your guided Taquile Island Tour. Your guide leads you through the stone paved path up to the restaurant, along the way you’ll be able to see local people wearing their typical clothes.

Due Taquile’s isolated location their fine and complex textile decoration customs have been preserved throughout the Spanish invading. It is a place where men knit their very own hats or “Chullos” since they are 6 years old age, surprisingly where the wedding can last almost 1 week.

Clue information will be provided by your guide during the lunch time, you will even learn the usage of the natural herb shampoo. Lunch is based on Quinoa soup, grilled trout accompanied with rice and vegetables (or vegetable omelet if you don’t eat fish) and Coca or Muña tea.

Taquile Speed Boat Tour only covers Uros and Taquile in one day, but you can extend your experience to Amantani Island by joining Lake Titicaca 2 Day Tour, an authentic way of being part of local activities and staying overnight on a hospitable local family.


Lake Titicaca 2 Day Tour

US$50 per person

2:15 pm

Taquile to Uros Islands

After a smooth hiking, sightseeing and tasty lunch on the men knitting Island, you’ll slowly descend and onboard again the motorized boat. On the way back from Taquile to Puno some people will be dropped off at Uros Islands because they have a reservation on a reed floating homestay lodge or because it’s a great chance for an Uros Islands Sunset Paddle.

On arrival to Puno port, you’re picked up and transferred back to your hotel.

What’s included (what we provide)

– Hotel to Puno port transfer.

– English-Spanish speaking guide.

– Shared Speed Boat.

– Entrance fees to Uros and Taquile Islands.

– Lunch in Taquile.

– Return to hotel upon arrival (car transfer)

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.