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Taquile Homestay Kayak Tour

US$ 425 solo traveler (private)

 US$ 247 per person (2 up to 3)

Taquile Homestay Kayak Tour is one of our favorite Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour. We’re kayaking from Puno to Uros Islands, and then navigate to Llachon by motor boat.

At Capachica peninsula tip, you’ll kayak from Llachon to Taquile Island, on arrival have lunch at local family house.

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The first day during our stay on Taquile we’ll walk up to the Mulsina Mountain for a 360 view of the Lake.

The next day, after an early breakfast, we’ll go by kayaks from Taquile to Amantani Island.

Our lunch is in Amantani Island, then after we’ll depart toward Uros Islands by motor boat then get a final paddle from Uros to Puno shore on the way back (or by motor boat).

Taquile Homestay Kayak Tour Features

Activity level: Moderate

Paddling Distance: 24 km +

Tour Route: Puno to Taquile.

Kayak Frequency: Daily (round year)

Schedules of Departures and Arrivals

Day 1: Puno to Taquile Island

7:00 am hotel to kayak departure place transfer

7:20 am departure towards Uros by kayak

8:15 am arrival to reed Islands and motor boat ride to Llachon.

10:15 am disembark at Llachon port.

10:30 am departure to Taquile Island by kayak

12:30 pm arrival time to Taquile

1:00 pm lunch time at family house

3:00 pm visit Mulsina view point in Taquile

6:30 pm dinner time

Day 2: Amantani & Uros Islands Tour

7:00 am breakfast

8:00 am kayak departure from Taquile to Amantani.

10:30 am arrival time to Amantani

11:00 pm visit the Island.

12:00 pm lunch in Amantani Island

1:00 pm leave Amantani for Uros

3:45 pm arrival to Uros

5:00 pm arrival to Puno by motor boat

5:30 pm arrival to Puno, if we paddle again from Uros

What you will do (Tour Description)

Day 1: Puno to Taquile Island

Kayak to Uros Islands

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel in Puno city then drive you to besides Isla Esteves road or Kalapajra pier (launch point). So you don’t have to worry about how to get to kayak departure point.

Alternatively you can opt for kayaking from a secluded side to Uros and spending the night on a floating reed Island and next day navigate to Taquile by a speed boat.  


Puno to Taquile Island

US$ 135 per person

Here, after 15 min drive and a safety briefing from your kayak guide we receive the appropriate safety equipment and embark on almost 0ne hour kayaking adventure to Uros reed islands passing through scenic landscape.

On arrival to Uros, we’ll step on one of those islands to onboard the motor boat, there are more than 80 islands. Your guide and the boatman are uploading on the boat the kayaks, which takes 15 min while enjoy the view of surroundings.

Then after, we’re finally leaving Uros islands for Llachon community at 8:15 am by our motor boat.

Llachon to Taquile kayak

After 2 hours navigating to Llachon we’ll reach the embarkation point.

We’re paddling across the open water and head to Taquile Island. Enjoy the serenity of the Lake, blue water inspires tranquility and peace.

The first day is something like Llachon to Taquile Kayak Tour that we operate as a Lake Titicaca Day Tour.

Kayaking from Llachon to Taquile Island will take about 2 hours (11 km), we’ll be disembarking on its Northern tip (Alsuno port) and start hiking along the island to our family host house, beautiful ambiance.

Upon arrival to the local house, you’ll settle into the rural lodge for lunch, dinner and overnight.

In the afternoon, you’ll walk up to Mulsina lookout, the highest summit on the Island, beautiful views of the surrounding lake-shore including the Cordillera Real on the Bolivian side.

After dinner go to bed and rest well for the next day kayak adventure.

Day 2: Amantani & Uros Islands Tour

Amantani is located 38 km away from Puno city, and 10 km from Taquile Island which will be reached by kayaks departing early in the morning.

Kayaking from Taquile to Amantani

Sun is rising while we’re getting ready to paddle toward Amantani Island.

Today we’ll proceed to explore the Island of Amantani. Our host family we’ll tell us “Adios” “Goodbye”. We’ll enter in our kayaks and begin paddling to our last destination: Amantani.

Amantani Island

When we arrive to Amantani, Inca Samana Port, we’re walking up to the restaurant where you’ll be explained by the guide about their life style, history and traditions.

The tasty locally homemade lunch is based on grilled Trout/Chicken, Quinoa Soup and hot drinks.

This visit will take almost 2 hours since we arrive until we leave the Island to get back to Puno city by motor boat.

Selfie before heading back to Puno.

On the way back to Puno, we’ll stop by Uros Islands. You’ll get a better understanding of Uros community people tradition and daily basis on reed floating homes. Then after, decide how to return to Puno. You would decide between Uros Islands Sunset Paddle (from Uros to Puno port at the time the sun is setting over Puno Mountains) or take your motor boat to get to Puno port.

On arrival you’ll be picked up and transferred by our friendly driver.

What to bring

– Sun protection

– Sunglasses

– Hat/Cap

– Long sleeve T-shirt

– Warm Jacket

– Extra snacks

– Water

– Gift for Taquile family (optional)

What’s included (what we provide)

– Private transfer from your Puno hotel to kayak dock.

– Kayak equipment/gear.

– Entrance fees to Uros, Taquile and Amantani islands.

– English-Spanish speaking kayak guide.

– Budget Accommodations: at family lodge on Taquile Island.

– All meals included at Taquile family homestay while we’re on the tour.

– Lunch on Amantani Island.

– Drop off by hotel on return.

What else you should know

Remember that it is a physical activity so be prepared to paddle 24 km through the most beautiful spots of the Open Lake Titicaca and National Reserve (Puno sector), as well as wearing comfortable clothes that you can wet.

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.