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Llachon to Taquile Kayak Tour

US$ 325 for a solo paddler (private)

US$ 197 per person (2 up to 4)

Llachon to Taquile Kayak Tour is one of our favorite Lake Titicaca Day Tour, you’ll paddle from Puno to Uros reed floating Islands then after get to Llachon by boat.

We’ll spend 2 hours paddling from Llachon to Taquile Island, on arrival we’ll hike up and have lunch in one of the local Taquile restaurants with astonishing views of Amantani Island and the Cordillera Real over the vastness of the Lake.

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In the late afternoon, on the way back to Puno, you can opt to kayak from Uros islands to Puno local kayak dock or arrive by motor boat.

Taquile Island Day Kayak Tour Features

Activity level: Moderate

Paddling Distance: 15 km +

Tour Route: Puno, Uros, Llachon, Taquile, Uros and Puno

Hotel Pick-Up Time: 7:00 am

Drop-Off at Hotels: 5:35 pm

Kayak Frequency: Daily

Taquile Island Kayak Trip Schedule of Arrivals and Departures

7:00 am pick-up and transfer from your hotel to Isla Esteves shore or Kalapajra port.

7:20 am paddle towards Uros floating Islands through the reeds.

8:00 am upon arrival to Uros Islands, the kayak equipment will be put on the boat and then navigate to Llachon shoreline.

9:45 am on arrival, take your time to walk around the shoreline.

10:00 am your guide sets up the kayaks and then head to Taquile Island.

11:50 am we’ll get to Alsuno port, store the kayaks and walk up to restaurant (Bella Vista or similar).

12:30 pm have lunch at Juan’s or Wilson’s restaurant.

1:45 pm time to return from Taquile to Uros Islands by motor boat.

3:45 pm we’ll step on Uros Islands again, stay and visit with plenty of time.

4:20 pm get ready to return to Puno, you would enter in your kayak and paddle at the time sun is slowly setting or go back by boat.

4:50 pm arrival time at Puno harbor, if you take the motor boat

5:30 pm arrival time at Kalapajra pier or Isla Esteves shore, if you decide to kayak

5:35 pm you’ll be picked up and delivered to your hotel.  

What you’ll do on Taquile Day Kayak Tour

Hotel to Kayak Titicaca launch transfer

Your Taquile Island Day Kayak Tour will begin with an early morning pick-up and transfer from your hotel to Puno Lake Titicaca Kayaking launching dock.

Our driver comes for you at your downtown hotel and drives you for about 15 minutes to Isla Esteves side or Kalapajra port.

Here at the port our kayaks will be ready for you to get in.

Staying on Uros Lake Titicaca Floating Homestay (lodge)?

If you’re planning to spend the night on one of these unique, luxury and fancy Uros floating islands lodge, we can pick you up from there!

Here some of the Uros Titicaca lodges: Aruma Uro lodge, Uros Titicaca Lodge, Uros Khantaty lodge, Uros Summa Paqarina Lodge, Uros Inti Experience, Uros Qhantany Lodge, Uros Aruntawi Lodge, Amelia Titicaca Lodge, Titicaca Marka lodge, etc.

Suggested pick-up time from any of these lodges is at 8:15 am.

Uros floating Islands homestay lodges are not the only ones on Lake Tititcaca where to experience a glimpse of the Peruvian Andean culture. Taquile Homestay Kayak Tour would perfectly fit with your preferences. Summarizing, you are going to paddle from Puno to Uros, then cross the lake by boat to Llachon, then after paddle again to Taquile Island without hurries. Immerse in its local culture, art textile and spend the night in a local Taquile homestay (lodge).


Taquile Homestay Kayak Tour

US$ 247 per person

Arrival to Uros Floating Islands by kayaks

We’re kayaking to Uros for almost one hour from Puno shore. On the water way, beautiful landscape is appreciated and contemplated.

We’ll be heading to the Uros Adventist Island; upon arrival your guide and boatman lift and upload the kayaks on the boat then after leave towards Llachon (peninsula of Capachica).

Are you only looking for a short kayaking route and instead navigate by an upgraded speed boat to Taquile Island? So, Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour is what you have to take a look and make a better decision. 


Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour

US$ 85 per person

Departure to Llachon by boat

We’ll depart by motor boat towards Llachon which takes 2 hours of navigation.

On the way to peninsula of Capachica we’ll be able to appreciate unique high Plateau landscapes. In front of us is Taquile Island the third largest Islands on Lake Titicaca.

Boat arrival to Llachon

Once the motor boat has arrived at Llachon coastline, from this point we can already see further the Island of Taquile and Chucuito peninsula. We’ll be arriving to a local port.

You then set up for kayak crossing from Llachon to Taquile Island. Your private guide is going to provide the safety briefing and kayak paddling lessons.

Kayak from Llachon to Taquile Island

You are going to kayak for around 2 hours from Llachon to Taquile while you’re paddling enjoy local farming, fishing scenes along the side and we’ll appreciate Amantani Island

far away (on the left side). This Lake Titicaca kayak trip can turn in a once in a life experience, enjoy the vastness, and the Bolivian snowcapped Mountains. 

Lunch in Taquile

When kayak paddling finishes, you’ll walk up toward Juan’s or Wilson’s restaurant for local homemade lunch.

The set menu is based on Quinoa soup, grilled Trout and Coca leaves or Andean mint tea. Vegetarian food can be prepared upon request.

Direct boat navigation from Taquile to Uros Islands After a local encounter with Taquilean people, we’ll be heading back to Puno, on the way we’re going to stop on one of these Uros family’s floating Island.

In the afternoon, it’s less crowded. You’ll enjoy better how this population still keep their ancient way of living on self-fashioned reed homes.

With plenty of time, we’ll visit inside the reed houses; learn how they construct their houses, the maintenance, and much more explained by your personal guide.

Then after, it’s up to you to enter again in our kayak and back to Puno by paddling or arrive to Puno by the motor boat.

If you paddle again from Uros to Puno

We can keep paddling and enjoying breathtaking sunset views from our kayaks when approaching Puno city.

Or take the motor boat to go back to Puno in just 25 minutes.

Your Lake Titicaca day tour, a taste of local experience and adventure ends in the late afternoon. You’ll be transferred to your hotel upon arrival.

What to bring

– Sun protection

– Sunglasses

– Hat/Cap

– Long sleeve T-shirt (optional)

– Warm Jacket

What’s included (what we provide)

– Private transfer from your Puno hotel to kayak launching place.

– Private motor boat transportation to Llachon and Taquile (regular and slow boat).

– High quality single sea kayaks or double tandem kayak with pedal rudders.

– Kayak gear/equipment.

– Entrance fees to Taquile and Uros islands.

– English speaking kayak tour guide.

– Lunch in Taquile.

– Equipped kayak from Uros to Puno

– Private mobility and land transfer to hotel on arrival to Puno port

– Snacks of your preference.

– Water.

– Local cash currency, if you’d like to get some reed souvenirs.

What else you should know

Remember that it is a physical activity so be prepared to paddle 15 km through the most beautiful spots of the Open Lake Titicaca and National Reserve (Puno sector), as well as wearing comfortable clothes that you can wet.

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.