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Lake Titicaca Kayak Rentals

From US$ 10 per person/hour

Lake Titicaca Kayak Rentals allows you to get a fully equipped single or tandem kayak from us in Puno (Uros Kayak Company) then after launching in the water go paddling anywhere to explore the hidden beauties on your own; the vastness of the highest navigable Lake in the world is a must for these kinds of adventures.

More Things to Do in Puno: Biking Tours

Find local Trips Lake Titicaca with a real local operator and go kayaking further on a day or multiple days amazing remote places at Lake Titicaca floating islands and reach anywhere alone or accompanied. No itinerary to follow up, you simply enjoy it at your own pace.

Kayaking Lake Titicaca with your own time and own pace is one of the best experiences you cannot miss.

Did you know that we also have vintage retro road and mountain bikes for rentals? Just imagine yourself pedaling on the shore of the Lake with such gorgeous views (out of the tourist map).


Lake Titicaca Bike Rentals

US$ 10 per person/hour

At Kayak Rental Puno we have available single and tandem kayaks to rent for hours, day or multiple days for your solo kayak adventure on Lake Titicaca.

Best Rentals: Kayaking to Uros

Kayaking to Uros reed floating islands through the maze of reeds alone or accompanied by our staff would become one of the best Lake Titicaca 2 Hour Tour experience.

Kayak Rental in Lake Titicaca Puno Pricing

US$10 for 1 hour/person

US$20 for 2 hours/person

US$25 for 3 hours/person

US$50 per day/person


– Single or double kayaks

– Paddles

– Spray skirt

– Jacket life


– Transfer from your hotel to kayak launching place (besides Isla Esteves)

– Entrance fees to Uros reed Islands

– Kayak tour guide

– Support motor boat

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.