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Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour

US$ 50 per person

Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour is Puno to Amantani Island boat trip with overnight at local family houses, your experience will be much better by visiting additionally Uros and Taquile Islands.

Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour is a group tour departing from Puno, Peru towards the top rated Islands on Lake Titicaca (Uros, Amantani and Taquile).

Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour is a Lake Titicaca 2 Day Tour with daily departures.

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What you’ll do on Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour

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Without a further ado, here is the best itinerary of Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour:

Day 1: Puno to Amantani

7:45 am Pick-up and Uros Floating Islands Tour

Our staff is going to pick you up from your selected hotel in Puno and transfer you to Puno port. Take the motor boat and navigate to Uros floating Islands. On the boat your English-Spanish speaking tour guide delivers clue information about what to do in your Lake Titicaca Homestay Tour.

After a 30 minutes navigating across the shallow part of the lake you’ll reach to Uros. You’ll be impressed by the numerous reed islands located next to others.

On one of these reed homes your guide explains about the importance and the reason why their ancestors decided to live on the Lake, you’ll get to known wht is the process of building and its maintenance.

Locals will offer you some reed souvenirs and ride an ancient reed raft (bring cash). After you have visited the second reed Island you’ll be heading to Amantani Island.

10:00 am Uros to Amantani

Navigating through a narrow water channel you’ll reach the Open side of the lake, get great views of the immensity and impressed by its natural beauty.

The Amantani Homestay boat will pass the peninsula of Chucuito and Capachica and slowly take in sight the first view of Amantani, which takes the form of a frog.

Amantani authorities have decided to introduce the rotating system of receiving visitors. Due this rule you’re going to be welcomed by different families.

Upon arrival you’ll break in groups of 4 people. Immediately follow your mama, in their house you’ll have lunch, dinner and stay the night.

Upgrade your adventure in Lake Titicaca by kayaking from Puno shore to Uros floating Islands, upon arrival your kayak guide answers any question you have about the Lake Titicaca floating village and Uros people. This unique Amantani Homestay Kayak Tour ends will a last kayaking from Uros to Puno (second day)


Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour

US$ 115 per person

3:30 pm Hike up to the Temple of Pachatata or Pachamama

Your local family member will take you to the meeting point before start walking up to the most important pre-Incan temples.

This hike would take one hour or more (according to your physical condition). On the top enjoy 360 degree view of the Lake, Bolivian snow peaks, Sun Island and later enjoy the sunset over Capachica peninsula.

6:30 pm dinner and “Peña Show”

At your home, you’ll have dinner and just after you’ll be dressed in typical clothes. Women wear black shawls, bright skirt, an embroidered sweater meanwhile men will wear poncho and Chullo.

All people visiting the Island will have the chance to dance with the rhythm of the typical music of Peru and especially of the Island. 

Day 2: Amantani to Puno

7:30 am Amantani to Taquile navigation

The next next, early in the morning after breakfast you’ll say goodbye to your family and embark on the boat for going to Taquile Island.

Amantani to Taquile is one hour of navigation.

9:00 am Taquile Island Tour

Upon arrival your guides show you the way and delivers information about the Island.

You’ll hike up to Taquile main square and visit its textile museum (textile souvenirs shop at the same time).

Or you just relax enjoying the view of the landscape and the lake in the horizon.

11:00 am Lunch in Taquile

After this quick exploration, you’ll head to the restaurant for a well-deserved lunch. Quinua soup, grilled trout (or vegetable-egg omelet) with white rice and sald, and hot Coca or Muña tea.

Your guide delivers clue information of the Taquile art textile and local tradition.

12:30 pm Taquile to Puno

Your boat will depart from Taquile towards Puno, this ride would take almost 3 hours.

3:15 pm Arrival to Puno port

Some people are staying on Uros floating islands lodge so do not be surprised you’re visiting again the reed Islands.

Finally, you’ll be picked up from Puno port and delivered to your hotel.


– Hotel to port car transfer.

– English-Spanish speaking tour guide.

– Shared slow motor boat.

– Entry tickets for Uros, Amantani and Taquile.

– Meals in Amantani (lunch, dinner and breakfast)

– Local family accommodation in Amantani.

– Lunch in Taquile.

– Boat return to Puno-

– Puno port to hotel transfer.


– Reed boat ride at Uros islands (optional, S/15 per person)

– Souvenirs.

– Alcoholic drinks at Peña Show

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