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Lake Titicaca Half Day Tour

US$ 45 for one person (private)

US$ 25 per person (2 up to 4)

Lake Titicaca Half Day Tour is a customized and flexible boat tour of Uros reed floating Islands from Puno city, Peru.

On Puno to Uros Islands Tour your local English speaking guide will give you an insight into the life of the Uros people that have preserved their age-old traditions and customs.

“Uros Balsa or Kon-Tiki” is a traditional reed boat raft that dates back to pre-Columbian times. You will embark and enjoy a smooth ride between two floating Islands before going back to Puno by the regular motorized boat.

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What you’ll do on Lake Titicaca Half Day Tour

Find local trips, book with a local tour operator, get an amazing experience at low price. Let Uros Kayak Company show you the very best of Puno Tours Lake Titicaca.

At Uros Kayak Company, we have selected the best Lake Titicaca Tours specifically related with Uros Islands Tours.

Without a further ado, here is the best list of Lake Titicaca Half Day Tours from Puno:

Uros Islands Sunrise Boat Tour

5:00 am Puno to Uros

After a quick pick-up and transfer from your hotel to port. You’ll embark on our private Lake Titicaca motor boat.

Navigate to Uros for about 30 minutes at the time the first sun light hits the surface of the Lake we’ll be arriving to Uros people homes.

Enjoy a breathtaking spectacle of the nature, the Uros Islands sunrise boat tour is an authentic experience you’ll not forget.

6:00 am Uros people lifestyle

Your guide and boatman will take you to visit one of the almost one hundred floating islands. Surely it will be a friendly family. You’re going to learn about their origin, history, believing, and the ancient art of building the reed floating house.

Living on a floating reed Island is something you can’t see everywhere, take this unique chance to learn from your guide why they did decide to live on the Lake.

Bring some Peruvian cash to buy some cute little reed boat or bright embroideries (really optional).  

7:00 Uros to Puno

Then after enjoy a cup of hot coffee sitting in front of these unique reed homes. Then after, we’re going back to Puno through the same way.

8:00 arrival to hotel

Finally, upon arrival at the port, your driver takes you back to your hotel.

Uros Islands Classic Boat Tour

For this Uros Islands tour option you can opt to join a group tour or book a private Uros floating island tour. The advantage of reserving a customized trip is that you’ll get a full time English speaking tour guide and avoid at all cost the crowds. We might re-schedule your departure time.

8:45 am Puno to Uros

Transfer from your hotel to Puno port (group or private drive). You’ll be navigating towards the most fascinating inhabitants of Lake Titicaca.

Uros people dates back the pre-Incan time, upon arrival on the Island you’ll better learn from your guide about their culture and tradition.

10:30 am Reed Boat Ride

After your guide performed how the islands are built, you then have free time to explore inside their reed house and get dressed with their typical clothes (for pictures).

You will even have time to embark on the ancient “Balsa” reed boat raft. But this is optional and has extra cost (it’s advisable to bring Peruvian currency).

If you take it, your money will go directly to the families. You will even have the opportunity to buy reed souvenirs.

11:30 Return to Puno

When you ride the typical reed raft, locals will take you to the main Island. If not, you can simply take the motorized boat to the main floating Islands.

After some extra time on the second reed island you’ll embark on the motor boat and return to Puno.

12:15 pm arrival and hotel transfer

When you disembark on the port, you’ll walk for 5 minutes then after you’re picked up and transferred by our driver.

Uros Islands Middle Day Tour

Here again, you can choose between joining a group tour and do as a private tour.

12:00 pm Hotel to Uros

You’ll be picked up and transferred to the por. You’ll embark on the motorized boat and then head to Uros floating Islands. When you join a group tour your guide is going to provide information of the Lake in Spanish and English making this fact, sometimes, a little uncomfortable due the switch of Language.

12:45 pm Uros Islands Arrival and Visit

Upon arrival, you visit a family on their reed Island, get explained about their unique way of living on floating islands, free time for photos and souvenir shopping.

 1:45 pm Reed Boat Ride

Again you can decide if you take that traditional reed boat or not. Finally visit the second reed floating Islands basically for buying snacks, more souvenirs or getting your Lake Titicaca stamp for your passport.

3:00 pm Arrival and transfer

When you arrive to Puno port our driver will pick you up and take you back to your hotel.

Uros Islands Sunset Boat Trip

Enjoy the reflection of the sun over the highest navigable lake’s water; see the changing of color and the night view of Puno when returning from Lake Titicaca floating islands.

Find Local Trips at Uros Kayak Company avoiding large and non-flexible group boating tours from Puno city to Uros reed Islands in the afternoon.

As local operator, we offer you the best option to visit in a comfy, different way and with plenty of time the Uros Ethnic group in Lake Titicaca.

4.30 pm pick-up from your hotel or from Puno bus terminal.

4:45 pm arrival to port and boat transportation to the most amazing inhabitants of Lake Titicaca: the Uros culture.

5:15 pm guided visit to one of the reed Islands and get unique insights of your English speaking guide (reed island building process, origin of the Uros people, meaning of “Titicaca”, embroideries, etc.)

Visit inside their houses; learn about their textile and handicrafts.

From May to October you’ll enjoy a great sunset over Puno hills and the Lake.

6:30 pm return to Puno city and transfer back to your hotel on arrival. On the way back to Puno port we’ll enjoy spectacular night view of Puno city seen after

What’s included (what we provide)

– Transfer from your Puno hotel to port.

– Small or regular engine boat.

– English speaking guide.

– Entrance fees.

– Return to hotel.

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