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Lake Titicaca Bike Rentals

From US$ 10 per person /hour

Lake Titicaca Bike Rentals allows you follow your own itinerary pedaling through the high Plateau landscape at your own pace.

Explore and pedal the Aymara or Quechua speaking communities on the shore of Lake Titicaca.

Let’s design your itinerary and pedal on your own way through the high Plateau landscape of Lake Titicaca with our tips for where to cycle.

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Your adventurous vacation in Peru could be much better adding cycling tours in Puno surroundings, down hills, and Lake Titicaca surroundings.

You’ll get to known about the best way to spend your one day away from crowds and most cyclists would skip the touristy places.

Did you know that you can rent kayaks from Uros Titicaca Kayak Company? Rent a fully equipped kayak from us in Puno, then go paddling wherever you want to explore alone or with our companion.


Lake Titicaca Kayak Rentals

US$10 per person/hour

Rent from us mountain or retro road bikes for affordable prices. You can easily get it booked in advance or at that moment.

Once you rent, we can suggest where to go cycling according to your preferences.

Bike Rental in Lake Titicaca Puno Pricing

US$10 for 1 hour/person

US$20 for 2 hours/person

US$25 for 3 hours/person

US$50 per day/person

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If you have questions and doubts about Lake Titicaca Bike Rentals, take your time in telling us your inquiries and we’ll show you a lot more options to do.

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I’m Edison, feel free to text me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and inquiries.

Hopefully we then head out on the Lake’s shore cycling through its beauty landscape.