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Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour

US$ 75 per person

On this tour you’ll firstly go by paddling to Uros Islands on a private or shared guided kayak tour.

From Uros Island you are going to onboard the covered section of a fast boat for navigating to Taquile Island.

You’ll reach to Taquile Island in 1h15min and escorted by your private guide (same kayak guide) and learn about Taquile art textile and its history.

Taquile offers unique hiking/walking opportunities overlooking the vastness blue lake. Your tour also includes lunch at a local tourist restaurant.

In the late afternoon on the way back from Taquile we’ll step on the Uros Island once again to get in the kayaks and return to Puno by paddling.

Kayak to Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour Features

Tour Duration: 10 hours (3 hours in the kayak)

Activity level: Moderate

Distance Paddling: 8 km round-trip

Hotel Pick-Up Time: 6:50 am.

Drop Off By Hotels: 4.30 pm.

Kayak Frequency: Daily

Season: Available all year

Where you’ll kayak and navigate by speed boat

You’ll paddle from Isla Esteves down side through marshes of Totora reeds toward the still well-kept traditional reed Islands. Uros floating area is located within Lake Titicaca National Reserve (Puno Sector) 45-55 min by kayak, but Taquile Island is in the open lake 34 km away from Puno city, 1h15 min by fast boat from Puno city.

Uros Kayak and Taquile Island by Fast Boat is highly recommended for sea-kayaking adventurers who would like to do exciting and relaxing kayak activities and join shared tour of Taquile by Speed Boat transport. Get to know more about of the highest navigable lake in the world in a single day.

But first of all, we have to say that due you’re taking a shared speed boat from Uros islands, you’ll definitely visit the crowded places in Taquile, we do not promise Taquile off the beaten track, a lot of people take the same road to the main Plaza.

Do not expect to be the only ones around.

Tour Overview

6:50 am Pickup and transfer from your Puno hotel to kayak dock.

7:05 am At Kayak point departure your guide provides basic instructions.

7:20 am We’re paddling to Uros islands through Uros landscapes.

8:25 am Guide explanations about Uros life, history, island buildings while paddling.

9:10 am Join to Taquile Group Tour by Fast boat.

 11:00 am Arrival and walk up to top of Taquile Island.

12:15 pm Have lunch in a Traditional local tourist restaurant on Taquile.

3:00 pm Arrival to Uros island then stir the kayak toward Puno local port.

4:20 pm private transfer to downtown and drop off by your hotel.

What you’ll do

Kayak launch point

Your day with us begins at 6:50 am with a quick pick-up from your Puno hotel to local kayak dock (besides of Isla Esteves road 15 min out of downtown). Here, in case this is your first time doing kayaking, you’ll get elemental kayak paddling instructions from your guide then we’ll be able to start paddling toward Uros islands.

Typical Uros landscape

On the way enjoy its beauty scenic landscape. See how local people are going and coming and passing us on their motor boats. Definitely we’ll go kayaking on our own pace and rhythm enjoying the early morning local basis.

Add retro road biking to your kayak experience. Here’s how cycle from Huata or Capachica to Llachon (3 hrs), lunch, hiking and overnight. Next day kayak to Amantani, lunch and navigate to Uros for a last paddle to Puno.


Llachon Biking + Amantani Kayak

US$ 170 per person

Local activities

If you want to stay more time on Uros islands, see inside their houses, ride on reed boat to go around for cutting Totora reeds and put fishing net (available only upon request), we have to depart early in the morning and paddle just as fast as we can do in order to gain time.

The average time paddling to Uros Qhantany Island by kayaks, located in the North side of Uros area, is 1 hour.

Anyway we’ll have plenty of time for pictures, explanation, and enjoying the landscape from the kayaks also. So you can decide what to choose prior kayak departure, all our kayak tours are customized.

Aruma Uro Lodge

Finally, we leave Aruma Uro Lodge Island at 9:10 am, and we go by small motor boat to take the Fast Boat, which usually visits the crowded area, just 5 or 10 min away.

So you are picked up by this Speed Boat that comes from the main Puno port for joining to Uros and Taquile the Classical Tour by Fast Boat.

Taquile Island

On arrival at Taquile Island, you walk up to the summit for approximately 35 to 45 minutes. Visit their main attractions, relax and enjoy a locally prepared lunch of delicious and fresh Lake Titicaca trout.

After lunch, you then have to take a short hike down the island before crossing the lake via motor boat heading back to Puno.

Kayak again from Uros to Puno city shore

In the late afternoon about 3pm the speed boat is at Uros Islands, another small engine boat takes us to where the equipped kayak were left, then get in the kayaks and paddle again on the way back to Puno city by the same way to the same launch point. After 50 min of paddling we arrive to the port and you are picked up and transferred back to your hotel.

What to bring

– Warm, comfortable clothes for the morning.

– Gloves and wind breaker (dry season from May to October).

– Sun protection

– Sunglasses

– Hat/Cap

– Long sleeve T-shirt

– Fruits or snacks for middle morning.

– Chocolate bar.

– Jacket, here weather changes constantly.

What’s included (what we provide)

– Private transfer from your Puno hotel to kayak dock.

– Double or single sit inside kayaks (Perception/Prijon with rudder pedals)

– Jacket life, spray skirt, paddles, gloves, and hats.

– Entrance fees to Uros/Taquile islands.

– Private guide for kayak tour.

– Small motor boat transfer from Uros Aruma Uro to Fast Boat

– Hot drinks on the Uros Island.

– English-Spanish speaking group guide for Taquile.

– Lunch on Taquile.

– Extra paddle from Uros to Puno shore.

– Return to hotels upon arrival.

What else you should know

Remember that it is a physical activity so be prepared to paddle through the most beautiful spots of the Lake Titicaca National Reserve (Puno sector), as well as wearing comfortable clothes that you can wet.

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.