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Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour

While other Titicaca Kayak Tour Operators offer just one way kayaking to Uros, here on Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour, you’ll get a round-trip paddling experience from Puno to Uros and the next day you will return by kayak to Puno shore (from Uros, on the way back from Taquile).

Upon arrival at Uros floating Islands, you are going to join Lake Titicaca 2 Day Tour, this group comes from Puno city by boat and there will be another main tour guide for all people on board.

On Lake Titicaca Amantani Homestay Tour you’ll get a private kayak tour guide for kayaking to Uros (and return)

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Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour Features

Tour Duration: 2 days

Activity level: Easy/Moderate

Distance Paddling: 6km round-trip

Hotel Pick-Up Time: 7:30 am.

Drop Off at Hotels: 4.45 pm.

Kayak Frequency: Daily

Season: Available all year

Where you’ll kayak

You’ll start paddling from Uros local pier Kalapajra (or Isla Esteves) head to floating Islands through marshes of Totora. Uros floating area is located within Lake Titicaca National Reserve (Puno Sector) 3 km from Puno shore and 45-55 min by kayak, but Amantani is located in the open lake, almost 3 hours by regular boat from Uros (where you won’t kayak).

Where you’ll stay the night

Amantani Island, it is divided into 10 communities and for better profit and earning distribution from tourism (of your visit), they have rotating system to let visitors to spend the night in every typical adobe-made houses. You’ll eat meal prepared by your mama, stay at her house, share experiences of their way of living, traditions and being part of the welcome party at night (Peña Show).

Schedules of Departures and Arrivals of “Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour”

Day 1: Puno to Amantani

7:30 am driver picks you up from your hotel in Puno city.

7:45 am Arrival to point departure where your guide awaits with the kayaks.

8:00 am kayaking toward Uros islands through bed reeds.

8:45 am arrival at Uros and explantion about Uros life, history and island buildings

9:45 am boat transfer from first Reed Island to second Commercial Island to embark on Amantani Group Boat Tour.

10:00 am Group motor boat leaves Uros for Amantani.

1:00 pm estimated arrival time to one of the rotating communities in Amantani Island

The families wait for you, after that you’ll hike up to their houses for lunch.

1:30 pm Lunch time at their houses (4 people go with one family)

4:00 pm it is time for walking up the Temple of Pachatata or Pachamama.

6:00 pm back in your local family house and dinner.

8:00 pm the community welcomes you with a “Peña Show”, you go to community house dressed on typical clothing.

9:00 pm return to family accommodation and overnight.

Day 2: Amantani to Taquile & Puno

6:30 am Breakfast.

7:30 am boat departure from Amantani to Taquile Island

8:30 am arrival to Taquile Island and you begin walking up through a stone paved path to its small Plaza.

9:30 am at the small square you can visit its museum and Textile souvenir shop.

10.30 am you all are taken by the guide to the Local Tourist restaurant for lunch.

11:00 am lunch and explanation of Taquile textiles

12:00 pm later you go down and take the boat to return to Puno.

12:30 pm your boat departs from Taquile to Puno port.

2:30 pm arrival to Uros islands, where your kayak guide waits for you with your fully equipped kayaks.

2:50 pm you’ll depart by kayaks from Uros to Puno shore through the same way.

4:15 pm arrival to kayak dock besides Isla Esteves road and finally be transferred to your hotel (transport can be private or a shared one).

Day by Day Lake Titicaca Itinerary

Day 1: Puno to Amantani

7:30 am kayaking to Uros islands

Uros Kayak Amantani Homestay Tour starts with the pick-up from your Puno hotel and transfer to the local kayak dock, 15 min driving outside of downtown.

If you are a non-experienced kayaker, you’re going to begin with the kayak lessons and learn elemental lessons to know about kayaking.

You then get in a Perception or Prijon kayak and paddle toward Uros man-made floating Islands of Uros people.

Amantani kayak adventure drives you through unique Uros landscapes (but it’s a shame that Puno shore is getting polluted with plastic things on its water). After a non-rushed kayak paddling to Uros, we finally arrive at Lake Titicaca floating village.

We’ll have almost 50 minutes for exploring the island; your guide delivers information about the origin of the Uros people, how these ancient inhabitants live today and also about the island building step by step.

Are you short of time? But do you want to visit Amantani Island? Then, what you’re looking for is Kayak to Uros + Amantani Island Day Tour. You would paddle from Puno bay to Uros islands, step on it and then take the slow group boat to Amantani. On arrival, you’ll enjoy a tasty lunch, hike and in the same day return to Puno Port.


Kayak to Uros + Amantani Island Tour

US$ 58 per person

10:00 am Uros to Amantani Island

Small engine boat transfers you to embark on Amantani Island boat, which usually takes less than 15 minutes.

A 3-hour motorboat navigation takes you to Amantani main port.

At Amantani port, the group will break into smaller groups of 4 people mainly, make friends while navigation lasts.

These small groups of 4 people will be taken by the families to their homes (lunch, accommodation, dinner, breakfast included).

Amantani is a natural Island where houses are usually located higher, and reach their house takes 30 min in average. Slow walking up and including breaks.

1:30 pm Lunch in Amantani (at family house)

Lunch is provided by the families and dish is mainly based on Quinoa soup and local fried cheese and cooked potatoes as the main course plus Andean mint or Coca tea.

In the afternoon, at 4pm, if you are in a good physical condition you could trek to Pachatata Temple.

Here contemplate the beautiful sun set, of course if it does not rain. Wonder how huge is Lake Titicaca. Nature and landscape is incredibly amazing.

At 6pm you’re back again at your home for dinner and then get ready for the night welcome party: Peña Show!

Each place on the Lake is unique. Amantani has its very own typical clothing. So, this means you’re dressing on their customs.

8:00 pm “Peña Show”

All people visiting the Island are invited to take part of “Peña Show”, a welcome live music party with freestyle dance and funny moments.

Amantani has a rotating system; this will ensure every community get incomes by letting people sleep in their houses and for providing meals. Now all the local tour operators have to pay on arrival to the Island.

Overnight at the Amantani Homestay is with basic facilities. There is no electricity; you’ll need to bring your cellphone battery fully charged. Bring extra jacket for the cold or “freezing” night.

Day 2: Amantani to Taquile & Puno

7:30 am Amantani to Taquile

This second day on your Lake Titicaca 2 Day Tour, after an early breakfast, your family host is going to guide you down to the same local port.

It’s time to say goodbye “adios” and our boat captain will navigate toward the next last natural Island of Taquile for about 1 hour.

9:00 Taquile Island Tour

Upon arrival, a 45-minute long ascending path will take us to the top, where we’ll find a small square with an adobe and stone church, its modern municipality building and restaurants.Taquile Island is one of the top destinations in Lake Titicaca, receiving hundreds of tourists per day. There a few ways to get Taquile Island, one of them is through Taquile Speed Boat Tour besides by local ferry.

Taquile is famous by their fine textiles; buy them directly in their museum-souvenir shop at the small square.

Prior or after lunch, your guide is explaining about Taquile and more importantly about its textiles.

The meaning of the figures and symbols on the calendar belt and the usage of a typical herb growing on the Island for washing the sheep or Alpaca wool are one of the topics.

Have lunch based on Taquilean Quinoa soup, grilled Trout with white rice, fried potatoes and salad or egg-vegetable omelet instead Trout and have Coca or Muña teas for drinks.

The boat is waiting in a different location now. We’ll go down a similar stone paved path to the port.

You’ll enjoy the last panoramic views of the open or grater lake.

The boat returns directly to Puno port throughout Uros islands where your kayak guide is going to take you back to Puno by your fully equipped kayaks.

3:00 pm Kayak from Uros to Puno

If you had no time to explore the reed Islands (the previous day) then this afternoon is a great opportunity to meet the local family and learn their tradition to finally be ready to return to Puno.

We’re paddling from Uros floating village to Puno shore through the same water path. At the kayak dock our driver will pick you up and take you back to your selected hotel in Puno city.

What happens if I do not kayak from Uros to Puno?

This means a direct navigation from Uros to Puno port due by the same Amantani boat. For any changes due altitude sickness, please let us know through your guide. Your driver will wait at the main disembarking place in Puno. Your estimated arrival time will be at 3:15 pm approx.

What to bring

– Sun protection

– Sunglasses

– Hat/Cap

– Long sleeve T-shirt (optional)

– Fruits or snacks for middle morning (optional).

– Chocolate bar (optional).

– Warm jacket, weather changes constantly.

– Optional to bring sleeping bag, blankets are made of sheep or Alpaca wool which makes them heavy and difficult to breath.

– Fully charged cellphone batteries.

– Towels and teeth brush (toiletries).

What’s included (what we provide)

– Private transfer from your Puno hotel to kayak dock.

– 01 double or single sit-inside kayaks (Perception/Prijon with rudder pedals)

– Jacket life, spray skirt, Prijon paddles, gloves, and hats.

– Private guide for kayak tour.

– Small motor boat transfer in Uros.

– Shared boat transportation to Amantani and Taquile Islands.

– English-Spanish speaking group guide for next islands.

– All entrance fees to Uros, Amantani and Taquile Islands.

– Lunch, dinner, breakfast (Next Day) and accommodation in family houses.

– Lunch in Taquile Island

– Fully equipped kayaks from Uros to Puno.

– Drop off at hotels upon arrival from the islands.

What else you should know

Remember that Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour involves a physical activity so be prepared to paddle through the most beautiful spots of the Lake Titicaca National Reserve (Puno sector), as well as wearing comfortable clothes that you can wet.

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Hopefully we then head out on the Lake kayaking together through its beauty landscape.