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Isla del Sol Hike

Isla del Sol hike

US$ 75 per person (2 up to 3)

US$ 135 for one person (private)

On Isla del Sol Hike a boat takes you from Copacabana to the North side of Sun Island, where you’ll start trekking through ancient ruins and beautiful landscape, escorted with your guide and you’ll have a view lake lunch in Yumani.

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What you’ll do on Isla del Sol Hike

At Tour Lago Titicaca, we have designed exclusively the best Lake Titicaca itineraries for things to do in Copacabana, Bolivia.

Take advantage of our local tour guide’s knowledge and experience. Pablo was born in the Aymara speaking community of Isla del Sol in the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca.

Your Sun Island Trek is guaranteed as one of the most memorable experiences on a day tour from Copacabana.

Let’s get to known how Isla del Sol Hike itinerary works:

8:30 am Pablo will meet you at your hotel in Copacabana town then after walk down to the lakeshore to embark on your private motor boat.

8:45 am the motorized boat will head from Copacabana to the Northern side of the Isla del Sol, along the way you’ll see and enjoy beautiful Lake Views while your guide takes his time to explain you about the great pre-Incan civilizations that ruled the Lake basin.

You’ll traverse the blue horizon and hit the very North tip of Sun Island.

10:15 am upon arrival to Isla del Sol, you’ll start with the hike. Sun Island is the first largest Island on Lake Titicaca. It’s a great way to explore on foot its outstanding landscape and local traditions.

After a short time walking through a dusty trail, you’ll reach the old remains of the first Inca rulers. According to legend, in the old times the Island was known as Titicaca and was the birthplace of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, children of the Sun God or Wiracocha.

You’ll visit ancient vestige along the way to the Southern side of the Island.

Did you know that is also possible to visit the Island of the Moon as well? Instead of hiking on Isla del Sol you would spend a day visiting these two Islands. Firstly, you’d traverse to Isla de la Luna from Copacabana, then after head to Isla del Sol. Finally after a well-deserved lunch you’d go back to Copacabana. Learn more by clicking down here.


Moon Island Day Tour

US$ 85 per person

12:45 pm you’ll arrive to Yumani community where at the local restaurant a well-deserved lunch is offered. You’ll have time to relax and rest. Here, Vicky will wait for your arrival with a tasty lunch prepared with local products and ingredients. You’ll enjoy of the very typical Apthapi.

1:45 pm your guide will lead you again through the top rated attractions and places. You’ll hike from Yumani community towards the very Southern side of the Island.

You’ll appreciate the stone stairs and learn from your guide about the legendary myth of the Inca fountain of the eternal young, spring water.

Following that you’ll walk the through the trail, on the way enjoy view of Copacabana peninsula and some part of the Peruvian side. You’ll be informed about the local tradition and festivities by your personal guide.

Then after, arrive at the Pilcocaina Temple, the first Inca palace dedicated to their Sun God. You’ll get deep explanation and clue facts about its importance during the Inca ruling.

4:00 pm embark again on your private boat and head back to Copacabana.

5:30 pm arrival time to Copacabana port and that’s how your Isla del Sol Day Hike ends.


– Local English speaking tour guide.

– Private boat ride from Copacabana to Northern Sun Island.

– Entry tickets to Isla del Sol.

– Lunch in Sun Island.

– Visit of Incan buildings.

– Return to Copacabana.


– Alcoholic drinks at the lunch time.

– Extra expenses.

– Gratuities or tips (but really optional)

– Car transfer from your hotel to the port (most hotels are located a few minutes walking down)

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If you have questions and doubts about Isla del Sol Day Hike, take your time in telling us your inquiries and we’ll show you a lot more options.

For example: you would extend your experience by staying the night on Isla del Sol at local lodge and gain deep understanding of the way of the life of the Aymara speaking community.


Sun Island Homestay Tour

US$ 155 per person

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