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Isla del Sol Guide

Isla del Sol guide

US$ 45 per group

If you’re planning to visit Sun Island using local boats then consider booking one of our English speaking tour guides to have you informed while the tour takes place.

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Isla del Sol Tour Guide

You would hire a private and personal English speaking tour guide for the following boat departures.

In the morning

8:30 am Day Boat ride

In the afternoon

1:30 pm Half day boat ride

Our local guide Pablo, Juan Carlos or Omar will help you purchase the boat ticket ride from Copacabana to Isla del Sol.

Isla del Sol Ferry Navigation Time

Motor boats are quite slow. They will reach to Isla del Sol in 1 hour 45 minutes (one way).

Upon arrival your guide is going to show you the very best of the birthplace of the Incas.

Advantage of purchasing Isla del Sol Ferry Ticket

It’s affordable and easy to purchase at the same harbor the day before or right away.

Disadvantage of purchasing Isla del Sol Ferry Ticket

Boat will be overloaded, you’ll feel unsafe and they do not depart on time.

Is there another way on how to get to Isla del Sol from Copacabana? For Copacabana to Isla del Sol you can opt between a full boat transfer and combined land drive, along the peninsula, and then catch a boat for a 20 minute of navigation.


Copacabana to Isla del Sol

US$ 95 per transfer

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If you have questions and doubts about Isla del Sol Guide, take your time in telling us your inquiries and we’ll show you a lot more options.

For example: you would extend your experience by staying the night on Isla del Sol at local lodge and gain deep understanding of the way of the life of the Aymara speaking community.


Sun Island Homestay Tour

US$ 155 per person

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