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Free Puno Cycling Tours

  US$ 20 per person/bike rental

On Free Puno Cycling Tours you will just pay for your retro road bike rental and get our guide as your domestique to ride on Lake Titicaca high Plateau roads.

Free Puno Cycling Tours is a great way to escape from your tight schedule and relax exploring High Andean landscape smoothly riding behind your bike guide domestique (gregario they would say in Italian).

Your guide is going to show you the best place to ride according to your physical condition and fitness. And more importantly he is going to share with you his knowledge about the local history of the area and surroundings.

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THE PROS of joining Free Puno Cycling Tours

– There is no any itinerary to follow. You simply email us or text us 2 hours before of your desired departure time for availability.

– This Lake Titicaca Mountain cycling trip would last from 2 to 7 hours, all is up to you how long you’d like to pedal and how far.

– We depart even with one enthusiast cyclist. No need to wait for a group.

– If you are used to ride a Mountain bike then let us know, we’ll get one ready for you.

– The price of US$20 USD per person goes for the maintenance of the bike and ensuring decent quality of components.

Are you more of arranged Mountain biking tour itineraries? You might be interest in joining our Titicaca Mountain Biking Tour, an all included tour where you’ll explore and pedal the Aymara speaking communities on the shore of the Lake, hike up to see the vast and endless blue water.  


Titicaca Mountain Biking Tour

US$ 85 per person


– Retro vintage road bike.

– Helmet and gloves.

– English speaking biking tour guide.


– Transfer from your hotel to start place (we’ll send you the map).

– Snacks and fruits.

– Hydrating water.

What to bring for my Free Cycling Tour?

– Sun glasses.

– Long sleeve T-shirt

– Shorts (if possible)

– Sunscreen.

Request Further Information. Get more. Do more.

If you have questions and doubts about Free Puno Cycling Day Tour, take your time in telling us your inquiries and we’ll show you a lot more options to do.

Just email us at:

Or WhatsApp us:

+51 923206333

I’m Edison, feel free to text me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and inquiries.

Hopefully we then head out on the Lake’s shore cycling together through its beauty landscape.