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Floating Islands Copacabana

Floating Islands Copacabana

US$ 45 per person (2 up to 3 people)

Floating Islands Copacabana is a 3 hours guided boat trip, the best place if you want to eat locally prepared trout specialties are the floating Islands.

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Floating Islands Copacabana Tour Itinerary

Your local English speaking tour guide will meet you at your hotel and walk down together to the main port.

Floating Islands (Islas flotantes) Copacabana are a group of more than three artificial reed-wood man-made floating homes, close to the dirt road along the coast of Copacabana peninsula.

They are 30 minutes of boat navigation away and accessible by car as well.

Your boat will leave just after you on boarded, during your 30 minutes ride you’ll enjoy the view of the lake from inside or the top of the boat.

 Your guide explains about Lake Titicaca facts and the many pre-Incan civilizations that ruled in the lake basin.

If you have one day available to visit Lake Titicaca, then Isla del Sol Day Trip could be your best option which departs from Copacabana Bolivia daily. You’ll ride a motorized boat to explore Sun and Moon Islands with your guide and lunch included.


Isla del Sol Day Trip

US$ 85 per person

Upon arrival, you will explore the islands and especially if you’re planning to have a typical dish based on Lake’s fish, then this is the right place.

Climb the rocky Island to get a 360 view, stroll to the other Islands, adore the panorama from the top and finally eat freshly caught trout from the fish farm.

Then after get back to Copacabana through the same way.


– Private boat ride from Copacabana to floating Islands

– Entry tickets to the Islands.

– English speaking tour guide.


– Lunch on the Island (35 BOB, optional)

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If you have questions and doubts about Floating Islands Copacabana, take your time in telling us your inquiries and we’ll show you a lot more options.

For example: you could book with us an all-inclusive Sun Island Homestay Tour. You’ll stay the night on Isla del Sol at local lodge and gain deep understanding of the way of the life of the Aymara speaking community from your guide. Sun Island Homestay Tour is a 2 day boat guided trip where you’ll get a unique glimpse of local tradition and way of life. Enjoy the sunset or sunrise over Lake Titicaca. 


Sun Island Homestay Tour

US$ 155 per person

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