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Amantani Homestay Tour

US$ 35 per person

Amantani Homestay Tour is all about immersing yourselves in Amantani Island culture and tradition, on a 2-day boat trip starting from Puno city, which will let you get a brief unique glimpse of the local Islanders’ way of life in the Peruvian highest navigable lake of the world. On the way to Amantani Island, you’ll enjoy of Uros Floating Islands Tour, a short stop to learn about the Uros people and the unique way to live on reed floating homes.

Next day, after Amantani Island Homestay you’ll find yourself navigating to another secluded Island. Taquile, the men knitting Island, is unique for their well-preserved art textile. The most memorable moment of your visit will be the Lake overlooking lunch and textile history explanation delivered by your guide.

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Pay for your meal and lodging

Amantani Island Homestay Tour itself doesn’t have a good reputation due many cases about some of the Puno Tour companies taking the money for          the entire tour but not paying the host families.

When local indigenous communities of Amantani Island are not paid for lodging and meals provided during the visit, they have to travel by water and land to ask to be paid.

So, together we’ll be able to accomplish this goal: well treatment and payment to families.

The best way to ensure they receive their money is paying directly in person to the families. The best part of Amantani Homestay Tour is that you can contribute with the local economy and development paying the local family in person.

 So this way you’ll be supporting the local community.

 You’ll contribute to the Island’s development and benefit will be for both travelers and locals.

 Amantani community lodging and meal cost: US$20.00 USD or S/80.00 USD.

When to pay?

Pay the family the second day of your trip, early in the morning after breakfast before continuing to Taquile Island.

About Amantani Homestay Tour Features

Tour Type: Group guided Boat Tour

Tour Duration: 2 days

Hotel Pick-up Time: from 7:45 am

Boat navigation to Uros: 30 min

Boat navigation to Amantani: 2h 45min (from Uros islands)

Where to stay: Amantani local family’s house

Arrival to Puno: 3:15 pm

Hotel Drop-off Time: from 3:30 pm (next day)

Consideration: walking and hiking involved on Amantani and Taquile islands.


 – meet and encounter the Uros people.

– unique local living experience in Amantani.

– Taquile art textile tradition, lunch and motor boat.

Schedule of Departure and Arrival Times

Day 1: Puno to Amantani

8: 00 am Navigate first to Uros islands.

9:30 am Visit inside their reed houses, buy souvenirs.

10:00 am Extra trip on top of reed boats (optional).

10:30 am Take the boat to go Amantani Island.

1:20 pm Upon arrival have lunch, free afternoon.

4:00 pm Trek to the Temple of Pachatata.

6:30 pm Return to homes for dinner and later welcome party.

Day 2: Amantani to Taquile to Puno

7:00 am Early breakfast then 1 hour sailing to Taquile.

8:30 am Hike to top part of the Island.

11:00 am Lunch in a traditional restaurant and explanation about their fine textiles.

12:00 pm Go down by rock steps to port.

12:30 pm Return to Puno, upon arrival you’re transferred to hotel.

Step by Step Description of your Itinerary

Day 1: Puno to Amantani Island

7:45 am

Uros Islands Tour

Amantani Homestay Tour begins at 7:45 am with a quick transfer from your hotel to Puno harbor.

This day will be a unique local living experience with islanders of Amantani. But first we’re visiting the reed island made entirely from reed grown in the lake, which provides home, sustenance and transportations for their residents: the Uros tribe, one which pre-dates Incan civilization.

There are more than ninety islands and the surface of the islands is uneven, thin, and some liken walking on it to walking on a waterbed. From the first reed island go next by reed boat.

You would also ad kayak adventure from Puno to Uros, and then get to Amantani Island by boat. The next day, after a homestay in Amantani you’ll head to Taquile island visit its arte textile and finally do a final paddle from Uros back to Puno.


Kayak to Uros + Amantani Overnight Tour

US$ 115 per person

10:00 am

Uros to Amantani Island

Amantani Island is located about 3 hours from Uros, here at the port local families are waiting for us, taking us to their homes.

After lunch in home free afternoon for walking around then walk up to the Temple of Pachatata which is on the top of Amantani island, escorted guide. In the return to your local home have dinner.

8:00 pm

Welcome Party

At 8:00 pm in local community house there´s a welcoming party for the entire group (optional) in the party everyone is dressed with local typical clothes.

Day 2: Amantani to Taquile Island

7:30 am

Amantani to Taquile Island

This day is for visiting Taquile, in the morning after breakfast we’ll walk down the port and take boat to go Taquile the last island on our trip, located one hour of Amantani.

9:30 am

Taquile Island Tour

Textile museum is on main small plaza and 40 minutes-walk up there seeing a local church, its municipality all with amazing sight around island.

Taquilean islanders are always wearing traditional clothes, men weaving their own since they are 5-years old keeping ancient traditions.

Lunch in a traditional local restaurant surrounded by its beautiful landscapes, farming terraces, the very well-known arches. Visit local restaurant, for lunch. Set menu is a Quinoa soup, Trout Grill companied rise, fried potatoes and Coca or Muña Te, and all products are grown by them.

Taquile is very well known by their textile and that´s why you´ll have an extra explanation of the guide about it.

12:30 pm

Taquile to Puno

Return is through the stone paved path down main port of the island. Boat take us back straight Puno getting at 4:00 pm and drop off by hotels.

What’s included (what we provide)

– Transfer to boat port.

– Boat transportation

– English-Spanish speaking guide

– All entrance fees

– Lunch, dinner, breakfast (Next Day) and accommodation in family houses.

– Lunch in Taquile Island

– Drop off by hotels.

What to bring

– Comfortable shoes

– Warm clothing

– Sun hat

– Water

– Please wear weather-appropriate clothing.

– Warm clothing during the winter season (May to September) and rainwear during the rainy season (October to April)

– If you have heavy luggage, ask if your hotel can keep it safe for you (this service is usually free) or leave it at the meeting point at no cost

– You can take a ride on a typical reed boat, which costs approximately 10 Soles per person (this contributes to the community income)

– Pickup only applies for hotels in central Puno. If you are staying outside of the pickup area, the local supplier will arrange a meeting point in the city center

Hot to get to Amantani Island

From Puno

From Juliaca airport

From Cusco

From Arequipa

From Copacabana

From La Paz

From Lima

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